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Strategic Storytelling, Copywriting and Case Studies

Stand Out with Great Stories and Strategies

What's your story?

I help you tell engaging stories at the heart of your organisation with strategies to reach audiences across all communication channels. From producing great content – powerful copy, film and case studies – to developing strong messaging, an effective story bank, content or campaign plans, I can help you get the outcomes you want.

Stories or Case Studies

Case studies / real life stories / beneficiary stories… nothing sells your cause better. Studies show that one strong personal story is often the best way to sway donors, engage customers and capture national media attention. They appeal to the heart.

I’m a specialist in personal stories and storytelling with 20 years experience. I look for those ‘lump in the throat’ stories and angles that really engage audiences. I’m also a published writer and I teaching writing.

Your stories should be powerful, relevant, authentic and ethical. It also helps if they are flexible and can be used across communications channels – they need to work in media, marketing, fundraising, across integrated digital outputs.

You need good stories for campaigns, but customers and supporters also expect regular inspiration all year. They want to see the real face, the real stories of your organisation, the impact they are making. 

I train individuals and groups.

Copywriting, Editing & Messaging

Writing is in my bloodstream. I can help you cut the waffle, rev-up the relevant and make your copy sparkle to get the attention of supporters, fundraisers and clients. I’ve been a professional writer for over 20 years with a grounding in award-winning journalism.

I can find a headline in a technical report and make complex material accessible, relevant and engaging. I’ve written for a wide range of outputs including the following:

  • annual reports and reviews
  • marketing materials, including direct donor mailings, brochures, posters
  • websites, blogs, social media
  • newsletters, advertorials, articles and editorials in newspapers and magazines
  • media statements, releases and plans
  • radio, film and customer scripts
  • successful funding bids
  • technical and policy reports
  • speeches
  • training packs
  • interpretation for museums and parks
  • strategies for managing content
  • integrated communications plans
  • Messaging, narrative and brand descriptions

Film and Audio

I’m an experienced interviewer and producer. I produced radio for many years and I’ve spent many hours in interview and edit studios fine-tuning my ear and eye.


I produce promotional films, write scripts and briefs, working closely with film makers or producing low budget films on everyday equipment.  Audio on platforms such as Audioboom, can be used on websites, email marketing embeds, social media, radio etc. I have a broadcast quality recorder and edit my own audio.

PR & Campaign Strategies

I’ve led major UK-wide multi-platform, big budget campaigns with a mix of lead news stories, research, features, advertising, marketing, photoshoots, celebrity endorsements and high profile events. I’ve worked on high level corporate and media partnerships.

I can help you hone your objectives and plan your campaigns to reach target audiences with the messages and outcomes you want. I’ve got experience on both sides of the PR equation: as a journalist and as a PR expert.

Media Training

I have a background in print and radio journalism and for many years led the national spokespersons training and coaching programme for a major UK charity.

I can work with groups or individuals and tailor training to your needs and budget.

Coached practise interviews are the best way to learn. Depending on your budget, I can work with a broadcast camera operator or record interviews myself on a camera or recorder.

I help you fine-tune your media messages and press packages in preparation for a story or campaign.

Storytelling & Writing Training

As well as media training, I offer training and coaching in copywriting, interviewing skills and creativity. Here’s some topics I teach…

Real life stories and case studies: Create engaging stories for your campaigns. Manage a bank of stories for use across media, marketing and digital communications.

Interviewing skills including preparation, structure and listening skills. There’s no substitute for practice with feedback.

Sensitive or emotional interviewing: I have a specialism in undertaking sensitive or emotional interviews with those who have experienced trauma or difficulty.

Presentation skills including voice, posture, body language and preparing for talks and pitches.

Press relations and PR: Write punchy press releases and create effective media and campaign strategies. Give effective interviews for media (radio, TV, print, online).

Creative Burst: Charge up your natural creativity, stretch your creative thinking in the workplace and find fresh perspectives. Creative storytelling is great fun for team away days.

"Through your attention to detail and curiosity, I learned so much about our charity as a whole: how it looks from the outside and how our stories can be improved."
Lonny Chen, Kinara
Youth Evolution, Tanzania
"Cath was professional and committed throughout, and built relationships with a variety of teams and stakeholders. The work she implemented was robust and ensured we meet all expectations of how we handle case study data; but also took a great amount of care to ensure that these processes were usable and straightforward to embed. She was also a very supportive member of the team and a pleasure to work with. "
Kate Jones
Head of Media & PR, Macmillan Cancer Support
"Cath has run workshops on interviewing and writing case studies for several years at the Charity Writing and Writing and Communications Training Days. She is an excellent speaker, and out of 30+ speakers at the event, her sessions are always among the highest rated. "
Jennifer Campbell
Event Manager, Directory of Social Change
"Cath is a highly experienced and skilled writer, editor and case study manager who brings passion and commitment to any project. She has worked with Marie Curie on a number of successful projects, including creating and establishing new policies and processes for handling case studies and supporting major campaigns by sourcing and managing varied high-impact case studies to tight deadlines. Cath develops a good understanding of the needs of different departments or stakeholders and understands the whole range of communications channels and how to support them effectively."
Charles Williams
Content Manager, Marie Curie


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