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Pull up a chair on my verandah in the dappled sunlight, one of my favourite places: half inside, half outside, a bridge where some of the best conversations & creativity happen.

New programme 2021/22: Who are We Now? UK and Australia poets exploring courageous connections with our land and people in the 2020s.

Masterclass tutors include Mona Arshi, Malika Booker, Caroline Bird, Mimi Khalvati, Glyn Maxwell, Annie Finch, Dai George, Judith Beveridge, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Hannah Lowe, Cath Drake, Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton.

 Any problems with bookings LET ME KNOW.  It’s probably easier to book using a PC. When you book put the timing in your diary. Joining info is sent out at least a couple of days in advance – if you don’t receive it check your spam folder and then get in touch.



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September 2022
October 2022

Small group intensive poetry feedback workshops

Monthly online poetry feedback session to polish your poems. How do you make a good poems really good?  Join a high quality online poetry feedback group to focus on honing your poetry. Receive encouragement, inspiration and constructive feedback, and get your poems ready for submission. ...
10 Oct - 28 Feb

The Climate of Change Poetry Challenge Oct/Nov 2022

Calling all poets! Join the Climate Change Poetry Challenge. Our world is changing. This challenge isn’t about simply expressing the problem, although that’s important too. It’s also about cherishing and re-envisaging our world, and caring for ourselves and each other. We need innovation, understanding, adaptation and resilience as our climate is changing, as we try to do what we can to limit it. ...
12 Oct - 27 Nov
8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Online (Zoom)

Sizzling Sestinas with Mimi Khalvati 27/10/22

The Verandah’s most sought after teacher of poetic craft, Mimi Khalvati, explores the wonder and power of poetic rhyme to help you to use it with finesse and precision. She will clarifying the different kinds of rhyme available to the contemporary poet. ...
27 Oct
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Online (Zoom)

The Climate of Change Poetry Workshops Oct/Nov, 2022

Four online workshops of reading, discussing, writing poetry and inspiring each other.   These poetry workshops focus on climate change and facing climate change will involve adapting almost everything we do. It means looking at the world afresh, more deeply and questioning structures, lifestyles and cultural assumptions – everything! ...
27 Oct - 26 Nov
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Online (Zoom)
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