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Pull up a chair on my verandah in the dappled sunlight, one of my favourite places: half inside, half outside, a bridge where some of the best conversations & creativity happen.

New programme 2021/22: Who are We Now? UK and Australia poets exploring courageous connections with our land and people in the 2020s.

Masterclass tutors include Mona Arshi, Malika Booker, Caroline Bird, Mimi Khalvati, Glyn Maxwell, Annie Finch, Dai George, Judith Beveridge, Cath Drake, Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton.


September 2021

Poetry Masterclass with Caroline Bird: The Surreal Truth 26/9/21 Last Few Tickets

'I for one can barely tell where I trail off and you begin, since human beings are reported to be 98 percent duct tape and feathers anyway, ' says James Tate. Dive into the surreal, beyond the realistic or currently imaginable to find new truths, to shake out the everyday and all its assumptions – that’s what Caroline Bird’s often wonderfully surreal writing and her inspiring workshops do, and it’s what we need more of as we re-invent ourselves in the 2020s Anthropocene. ...
26 Sep
Online (Zoom)
October 2021

Poetry Feedback Session with Cath Drake 3/10/21 Sold Out

How do you make a good poem really good?   For those serious about honing their poems, try this structured small group feedback (six people only), with award-winning poet, Cath Drake. Receive in-depth feedback and learn how to feedback effectively yourself. Both assessing the work of others and listening to how people receive your work is crucial in building skills in editing and re-drafting to create the best poems. ...
03 Oct
Online (Zoom)

Poetry Masterclass: The Modern Ghazal with Mona Arshi 25/10/21

Explore one of the oldest poetic forms, the ghazal and what happens when it is transformed into the ‘postmodern.’ Can you adapt or repurpose the ghazal with contemporary Western poetics? Writing a ghazal takes you into a different terrain, culturally, musically and also in terms of  philosophy .What are the challenges that are brought to bear when Western poets take up the form in English? Mona will look at the foundations and philosophy of ghazals and explore a different ways that poets across the globe are reengaging with this mercurial form. ...
25 Oct
Online (Zoom)
November 2021

Advanced Poetry Feedback Workshops – Ongoing groups – register your interest

Monthly online poetry feedback & writing inspiration. How do you make a good poem really good?  Join a high quality international online poetry feedback group to focus on honing your poetry. Receive encouragement, inspiration and constructive feedback and get your poems ready for submission. Currently places are sold out but workshops are ongoing so get in touch to join the waiting list: contact me. ...
08 Nov - 14 Apr
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