Poetry refreshments for 2023 – Cath Drake’s The Verandah

The writing of the poem is an experience. It’s not the record of an experience. Even if you’re writing about something that happened before, it has to be a new experience… There has to be a discovery in recalling it. Marie Howe 


The Climate  of Change poetry workshops, 2023

After two successful series, the Climate of Change workshops continue. This can be a difficult and overwhelming subject, but writing together is more enjoyable, nurturing, rewarding and productive. Find new and transforming angles into this complex crisis.

Join live international zoom workshops either in the morning UK time (Australia late afternoon / evening) OR UK evening time (also suitable for US timezones).

It was great to work within a supportive community of writers on the most pressing issues facing humanity at this time. A kind of magic happened… Anne 

I was positively stretched as a writer. Patricia 

Thursdays: 19 Jan; 23 March; 18 May

Choose from two timing options:

UK Morning & Australian evening


UK Afternoon &  US timezones


Poetry & Mindfulness Uplift

Recharge in the new year.

A series of four poetry & mindfulness sessions for writers to explore techniques to recharge their wellbeing and creativity. But equally, you don’t have to be writer or poet to enjoy the sessions. Try the first session or sign up for all four.  A top Xmas present idea too.

It was a little oasis of calm in a busy, too active life; time to switch off and be still… to be a human being rather than a human doer. Moira

I can feel the impact during the day, and as the week goes on… Kath

Four Tuesdays: 17th, 24th, 31st January & 7th February

30-45mins long  


Dive into Poetry

Splash into poetry reading & writing sessions in 2023. The most enjoyable way to share & learn poetry is in a small group. In the first hour of these workshops, we’ll discuss an inspiring batch of poems and then we’ll write together. Rich & life-enhancing. Suitable for UK, Perth & other Aussie timezones.

Sunday 22nd January

Sunday 19th March 

Poetry of Place with Judith Beveridge, 30th January

 A masterclass with one of Australia’s best! The American poet Maxine Kumin said: ‘In a poem one can use a sense of place as an anchor for larger concerns, as a link between narrow details and global realities. Location is where we start from.’

Place is a tremendous inspiration for many poets. We are all formed by the landscapes and cityscapes with which we have interacted. We will look at poems by Philip Hodgins, Charles Wright, Sarah Holland-Batt, Anthony Lawrence and Elizabeth Bishop to explore the power of place.


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