‘A constellation of words and seeing’ – Cath Drake’s The Verandah

Discovery is what I want when I write a poem, when I read a poem. I want to be left changed … If the poem is good, I am a different human being for having made the journey through that particular constellation of words, seeing, imagination, music and understanding. Jane Hirshfield

  • Dive into Poetry, three sessions of reading and writing poetry together – is there anything more enjoyable and rewarding? Expert guidance, inspiration for writing and enriching discussion. Flex your creative muscle. Sundays, starting 15 May. 
  • Poetry feedback workshops to help take your poems to the next level. Make your good poems even better.  Mondays or Wednesdays, starting in May (intermediate and advanced).
  • The Power of Poetry Rhyme with Mimi Khalvati 23/5/22 : one of The Verandah’s most favourite teachers and poets, Mimi Khalvati, explores the wonder and power of poetic rhyme.  SOLD OUT – sign up for waiting list.  
  • Experiment with Poetic Voice:  Masterclass with Karen McCarthy Woolf, 16/5/22 Award-winning poet, Karen McCarthy Woolf leads a poetry masterclass experimenting with voice to expand and enhance our poetic repertoire. How can we take on voices other than our own? How can we create a strong, authentic and consistent voice in our poetry?

Coming up later in 2022 … More masterclasses including with Hannah Lowe – UK (Breaking the Sonnet on 23/6/22), Judith Beveridge – Australia (Lyrical Poetry on 11/7/22), Paul Hetherington & Cassandra Atherton – Australia, Caroline Bird – UK and more! Join the mailing list HERE to hear about these.

Part of the UK/Australia Season of Culture 2021/22.


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