The Verandah’s refreshing poetry programme into 2022

The Verandah, part of the UK/Australia Season of Culture 2021/22, features new offerings to refresh and sustain creativity into 2022.

  • Dive into Poetry, four sessions, monthly, of reading and writing poetry – is there anything more fun and rewarding? Sign up for all four, or come and try our first session on 28 Nov. If you can’t make the November date and want to start in the new year that’s also an option. Expert guidance, inspiration and enriching discussion.
  • Three new year poetry feedback workshops to help take your poems to the next level. Do you have a new year’s resolution to focus more on your writing and to send your pieces out for publication? Make your good poems even better.
  • Refresh 2022! The new year isn’t far away. It may not have been the easiest of years for many of us, so let’s refresh and reflect on another year with journaling, mindfulness and, of course, a sprinkling of poetry. Set aside time for yourself: you deserve it. Get ready for a great 2022.
  • Mindfulness and Poetry Uplift, six 30-45min sessions, weekly, to get your year off to a good start by recharging your energy and creativity. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and improve well-being, clarity, focus and creativity. I’ve thrown in a sprinkling of poetry and a period of writing together for a weekly uplift! Writing with mindfulness gives your writing a refreshing edge.
  • The Making of a Sonnet with Mimi Khalvati, is the first of The Verandah’s one hour interactive sessions with poetry masters on how they created some of their best poems. Mimi is our most sought after teacher with peerless wisdom on writing and editing sonnets.

Coming up later in 2022 … More masterclasses including with Judith Beveridge, Paul Hetherington & Cassandra Atherton, Caroline Bird, Karen McCarthy Woolf and more!

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