Two ground breaking poetry anthologies

Two more fabulous anthologies I’m featured in dropped through my letterbox this month, alongside Seren’s Books anthology of poems for the Earth.

‘Too Young, Too Loud, Too Different: Twenty Years of British Poetry from Malika’s Poetry Kitchen’, Corsair, 2021, was chosen by the Evening Standard has as one of its best non-fiction reads of the year so far. Reading this has been humbling and inspiring for me. It celebrates 20 years of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen collective. I’m so grateful to Malika Booker, Roger Robinson and others along the way, such as Jacob Sam-La Rose, Patricia Foster, Sundra Lawrence, Be Manzini, Charlotte Ansell, Janett Plummer, Heather Taylor, Nick Makoha, Denise Saul and many others! Malika’s Poetry Kitchen helped me find my way into poetry when I arrived in the UK. I felt like an outsider, an immigrant. I didn’t grow up with many books and wasn’t the sort of person who I thought could be a poet. We met for many years on a Friday night. Huge gratitude to all those poetry friends who created a space for people like me who didn’t think they fit. Buy it HERE.

‘Out of Time: Poetry From the Climate Emergency’, Valley Press, UK, 2021, a Poetry Book Society’s Autumn Special Commendation, is a fabulous collection of mostly UK poets with sections on Emergency, Grief, Transformation, Work & Rewilding.
Buy it HERE.

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