A jolly sack of stories, poems, comedy music

What a cracker of a line-up for the last Clerkenwell ARTSlab of 2016 (we’ll be back in February). And it’s FREE to get in. Song-stories, song-singing, poem-outlouding and cake from:

Bob Karper – god’s gift to storytelling
Zwah – guided by a star
Three Little Birds – a cappella gold
Ukulele Dolly – three wise strummers
Brendan Riley – comedy myrrh
Cath Drake – upside down poetess
Diego Brown and the Good Fairy – steady on.

Top of the pre-christmas tree – artist and accordionist BOB KARPER (that’s him pictured above) tells a true story about why in 1977 his family left their local Midwest American Presbyterian community church. Includes mentions of trombones, astronauts, Pepperidge Farm™ turkey roasts and sex.

Taking a break from A-level studies and fresh from their triumphant Islington Folk Club appearance THREE LITTLE BIRDS bring you pure voice-magic.

UKULELE DOLLY are Jane Ireland, Keith Moore and Carole Bates and they will be like that thing when unwrapping a christmas present that you can’t wait to try on.

More about the other magi and shepherds soon…

And yes, you heard it right. FREE to get in. Pay what you think it’s worth – on the way in, on the way out, at half time, whatever (so bring a wheelbarrow full of sterling.)

28 Nov 2017, 8.30-11pm, Betsty Trotswood, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3 London, United Kingdom http://www.betsey.pub/

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