Hegley Xmas variety

I’m performing John Hegley’s night of festive variety at The Betsy Trotswood…. with an array of guests from John’s regular Betsy performers over the year plus John’s unique dollops wit and fun of course!

Monday 22 December 8.00pm (we’ll try)      Tickets £8 / £5

The Betsey Trotwood    56 Farringdon Road    Clerkenwell    London    EC1R 3BL www.thebetsey.com

Best Australian Poems for Xmas

A great idea for Christmas presents… get a taste for Aussie poetry! I’ve been included in Best Australian Poetry 2014 and there’s loads a great poems in there. I recommend some of the political ones pointing at Australia’s appalling immigration policy and some reflecting the World War one anniversary and other conflicts.


Try Penquin or other outlets before Amazon if poss….

‘Geoff Page’s collection of the best poems of 2014 serves only to underscore how essential to a properly reflexive and self-aware culture the writing and reading of poetry is.’—Gregory Day, The Australian