Workshops at Wonderful Buddhafield 2010!

Buddhafield Festival is so much fun, all kinds of workshops and stuff to do, good food, music etc , and oh so friendly. This year the theme was: A force for good in the world.

I ran writing workshops with Manjusvara (, a storytelling circle and a wordplay workshop

Buddhafield Festival: Wednesday 14 – Sunday 18 July 2010,

Here’s a pic of one bunch of creative writers at a workshop, holding up their group’s blockbuster piece –  an extract follows…

The Golden Ice Box Underground Cafe
We will build an underground café in the Long Field at Buddhafield, in a large golden box. The entrance will be via a slippery pole, the exit via a ladder. Disability access is as follows: the entrance and exit is a ski-slope slide with hydraulic moving seat or standing platform. Everything is made of shimmering straps and non-slip icy surfaces. The cafe will be made of ice, but it won’t feel cold. Candles on a candelabra will illuminate the ice and the gold. A grandfatherly character will greet everyone with a smile and a Werther’s Original. The café will sell food made of roots, such as rooty biscuits, and warm curry made with worms. You will get a free sweet dream, in the form of a fortune cookie, with every bowl of root stew. Drinks include Golden Ice and Hot Rainbow Latte. When you drink the Hot Rainbow Latte it will flood the body and enable the drinker to see people’s auras. The music will be underground music! Hard rock, roots and rhythm. There would be a chill-out soothing section with melodical percussion and classical music. There would be a group sculpting project, making a golden ice tree…

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